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  The NanJing Fouer Automobile Leasing Company mainly manages automobile leasing and related business. The company provide various high-quality thoughtful services for the domestic and international business unit, social organization, school and Chinese and Foreign guests whole heatedly, HongKong-Macau set compatriot And personal.The company all colleague treats the service quantity as the life, with the safety, comfort, convenience as the basic quantity policy .We have a foothold of trustworthiness ,the source of innovation, and the direction of convenience. The satisfaction and trust of the customer is the biggest income for us.

  The technique power of our company is strong, the management leasing vehicle category is well-found.We can provide various high-quality vehicle according to the different need of customer and provide the airport to connect to send for the each business enterprise, the organization section and social group, pilot, business use, the rite use and tour, the automobile of the long-term or short date leasing business. The for-rent car type of now contain various files a small car 、business car、 bread car and bus etc..for satisfying the need of the market development.The company will continue enlargement devotion,continue to extend the management scale of the company.In the middle of conduct, the company continue perfect leasing system, continue perfect" hardware" and" software" and put the service in the first always.For the sake of the exaltation business enterprise core competencies,The principle of management that company turns to" make people the center" deeply.Train the excellent manager and excellent pilots gradually,Provide the better service for the society.

  The company prestige first, customer is highest, superior quality the idea of the service, provide the most perfect service for the social people of different walks of life.You need to stir to make a phone call only, my company comes the service.Personnel's technique of our company is consummate, the good quality, attitude is kind, the honesty keep promise, vehicle price real benefit.Our target is to pass the top-grade service quantity, creating to guide the market also, creating top-class brand of the automobile leasing profession.


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